Outplay Entertainment Joins Safe in Our World

By collaborating with Safe in Our World, we want to support everything they are setting out to deliver. We firmly believe that everyone should have a positive and healthy environment to work in free from any stigma around mental health, where positive conversations around neurodiversity are encouraged.

We believe that mental health awareness and support should be integral parts of the gaming industry's ethos. By partnering with Safe in Our World, we can further contribute to destigmatizing mental health issues within the gaming community and foster a more inclusive and supportive environment for everyone.

We value Safe in Our World's expertise in the mental health field, and they see the charity as a valuable resource for enhancing our internal practices. By learning from Safe in Our World, we can implement policies and initiatives that prioritize the mental well-being of our Outplayers, creating a healthier and more productive work environment.

Through this partnership, we aim to set an example for other gaming companies and inspire the industry to adopt a more proactive approach to mental health. By collectively working towards creating a safe and supportive gaming community, together we can make a lasting positive impact on the lives of players, developers, and gaming enthusiasts worldwide.