We are Outplay Entertainment

Outplay Entertainment is a leading developer of innovative games for smartphones, tablets, and social networks. Recognized for their focus on quality and engaging gameplay, Outplay has created a portfolio of successful casual and mid-core titles under the Outplay and Bite Size Games brands, in addition to those produced in collaboration with other leading publishers.

Latest News

Castle Creeps TD Launch Party!

17th January 2017

Castle Creeps TD launched in the first week of January, quickly becoming the #1 strategy game in over 60 countries with 2 million downloads and counting! To celebrate this fantastic achievement and early success we threw a launch party to thank all our Outplayers for their efforts and to celebrate in style!


NEW Hero! NEW Enemy! NEW Missions!

13th January 2017

Introducing the newest Hero Reinforcement, Kaylen Brightstar! Raised in the elven forests of Goldleaf, Kaylen uses her bow, imbued with the godly power of the sun to rain down a deadly hail of arrows onto the enemy hordes...