Introduction To The Unity Entity Component System Workshop

Recently we caught up with Rene Langgartner, Senior Engineer at Outplay who held a workshop on Unity Entity Component System.


“In our industry, requirements can change within a very short amount of time, this can be from supporting a new device generation (the iPhone X notch comes to mind), adding a new game feature or replacing art assets/animations. Therefore, it’s vital to know what solutions to existing problems are already out there to be able to work efficiently.

Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS) will be the future of game development in Unity. This workshop explained why this change will happen and gave a brief outlook on how our internal workflows might change.

The main learning objectives of the workshop were:

  • Explaining the core concepts of DOTS (ECS, Job System, Burst Compiler)
  • Showing the differences to the classic GameObject approach
  • Advantages/disadvantages of DOTS
  • Raised awareness of why it’s important what DOTS is as it will shape the future of Unity game development

I really enjoyed sharing my knowledge and will put myself forward again at some point this year” 


Further reading on Unity can be found here:

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