Louise Jackson - From Qa To Associate Producer

At Outplay we are big believers in continuous development. This week we caught up with Louise about her journey from QA to Associate Producer.

"Outplay has always been very active in supporting my career development. When I joined the QA department after university I wasn’t sure of my own abilities or believed that I could ever lead a team but through the support of my managers and friends at the company, they helped me gain the skill set and confidence I required to become a Senior QA Engineer.

I discovered that I really enjoyed organising my team, discovering and fixing issues as they came up, being more involved in building up and training the department and helping to organise our internship program. Being QA and finding weird and game-breaking bugs is really fun, you also get to see how all the departments work together and really develop an understanding of how games are made.

Production wasn’t a career path that I considered while in university but I found myself liking the responsibilities that came with being a Senior QA and started to take on more production tasks over time with my Producer’s support. In March I was given the opportunity to move into production as an Associate Producer, it’s not been without its challenges, especially now that we are working from home but it’s been a lot of fun at the same time and my team and the other Producers at Outplay have been helpful at every step."

It's always fantastic to see our talent grow and develop, whether that's in the studio or working from home. If you would like to join the Outplay team and see how you can grow, check out our careers page: https://www.outplay.com/join-our-team/



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