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Introducing the Stonelord, current ruler and commander of Dwarfhold. His enemies may see his size as a weakness, but are shocked and filled with fear as they witness the fierce defense of his allies using his ancient Foe Hammer. He is deeply dedicated to protecting his people and loyal to anyone who would help Dwarfhold, joining our band of Heroes to help defend the realm against the advance of the Creeps!



Stonelord is the perfect Hero to take on the support role. With heavy armor and a troop of infantry at his back, he can be counted on to hold the line against the Creeps.

Stonelord’s primary ability is his Healing Blast, granting added health and healing himself and all friendly units!

At level 3 Mending Aura unlocks, a passive ability that regenerates allies’ health even whilst they are in combat. Lastly at level 6, he unlocks his next ability, Divine Strike, which allows Stonelord to deal massive damage periodically.


While Stonelord’s heavy armor will allow him to take a serious amount of damage, he is particularly vulnerable to magic attacks that will cut straight through his armor. When deciding on Hero placement and movement make sure to watch out for Warlocks and Priestesses.


Once Stonelord has reached higher levels, he becomes a formidable force with the combination of his Divine Strike and Mending Aura abilities. Make sure to make use of this Hero’s battle prowess to turn the tide of battle in your favor!

- Combine Stonelord’s defensive and support capabilities with the strong offensive powers of Lance, allowing Lance to fight even longer and dishing out some serious damage himself!

- Donning the ancient Runelord armor will slow him down but also grant a boost in health. Pairing this with the powerful Rock of Aegis spell will not only simultaneously heal allies but damage Creeps too as magical runestones burst from the ground.

- Equipping the Icelord Skin will increase attack but also hamper movement speed. This is best used when placing Stonelord at a crucial choke point, to dish out high levels of damage.

- Put a spring in your step with the springtime reveller! Increased movement speeds allow Stonelord to get to where he needs to be at a moment’s notice to heal allies and provide support in dangerous situations.

Ready your Towers, join the battle and squash the Creeps under the Hammer of Stonelord!


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